I am traveling back to NY, my home state, for the first time in 1 year and I can't wait. It is a bit of a birthday gift to Myself, because I am after all deserving of whatever I want! I will be visiting friends & family, enjoying the city and all it has to offer

I am most excited to see my friends and eat incredible food. Although I am perfectly content with the simplicity of island life, and it's food choices I will happily indulge in everything I cannot get on island once I am back on United States soil. I can't wait to frivolously drink great wines & champagne without worrying when the next time will be that I can procure some!

I know that thanks to my wonderful fans, and a few good pets my every need will be taken care of! You can send funds to cover my expenses via google wallet ( or tribute). below are a range of prices for the what I might spend on that during the course of a day.

Dinner ($200-$1000)

Drinks ($100 - $1000)

Hotel ($500-$5000)

Transportation ($25-$500)

Champagne $100-$500 (or buy bottles off my wish list as long as they will arrive before June 8)

SHOPPING ($500-$10,000 - email me if you are interested in spending over $2000 in a shopping session in NYC June 6 or 7)

Don't email me asking what has been covered, you should aim to cover them all yourself!

Goddess Kayla

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