Been a while?

It's been a while hasn't it, since you properly tributed your Goddess ?

You feel the guilt running through your veins, warming your blood as you flush with embarrassment. I can read you so easily, you little voyeurs aching to live vicariously through someone worthy of my attention and Dominance, wishing you had given me the last gift that put a smile on my face. Well what better time than now to get off your ass and do something worth while, and more importantly something selfless - for Me.

You see, I've been living a luxurious life, amplified by the tributes of minions, submissives, pets and losers but it's never enough. If you have what it takes; money & obedience, the more the better, then stop day dreaming and live your fantasy.

The good boys have been keeping the barrels coming in - There is something so satisfying about getting a 55 gallon barrel filled to the brim delivered to your door, having someone else paying for the shipping / duties & delivery, then opening it up and finding a million new things to satisfy my every desire!

Cash is KING - sending $ via google wallet is always great - is the email address to send to!

If you want to buy me a gift from one of my WISH LISTS below is a list of things I would really love right now, but as always follow the priority of list items for the best chance at making me HAPPY!

- Bohemian style tops / dresses - flowy clothing

- Stand Up Paddle boards

- Kitchen Stuff (juicer - pots & pans etc)

- Garden Stuff

Now who wants the honor of reimbursing my receipts from Carnival? Start by sending a $200 tribute via or google wallet then email me the receipt - in exchange I will send you the total of my receipts from Carnival on Tuesday when I'm recovering! If you are lucky you might even get some photos of the sexiness

Goddess Kayla

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