New Year, New You

Happy 2017,

It's a new year and I know many of you are making resolutions for a new you. I've got a few resolutions you can add to your list, if they weren't there already, but first, are you finally ready to realize your dreams of serving ME? Or if you have been serving ME, are you ready to take your service & dedication to the next level?

Well let's do it! Below I've got 2 sets of resolutions one for those new to serving me, the second for those who have already begun their service. Those who have proved outstanding service will know because they will receive special tasks and directives via email. But even they will be checking in here to see what it is I want from them.


1. Send me a gift from THIS WISHLIST

2.Send a cash tribute, to show you would never waste my time, that you are serious about serving Me, and want to impress Me and be a part of starting this new year off right!

3. Buy 10 videos in a single purchase

4. Send an email to with the subject: I Need Kayla 2017 (others will be ignored)

- attach the receipts for your videos, tribute & gift (these will be verified so don't even think about faking)

- introduce yourself & be polite

- beg to be accepted, beg to serve Me,

- tell me your own goals for service to Me

- commit to proving My wants and needs are of superior importance to yours

- tell me what I should expect out of your service (how are you going to make my life easier, more lucrative, more pampered etc - DO NOT LIE or OVERSELL - be prepared to do anything to prove this at the drop of a dime)

- list 12 submissive GOALS for 2017 (one for each month)


1. Send me a gift from THIS LIST (or your personal list if you have one) as a thank you for My time and graciousness during 2016.

2. Send a cash tribute (g-wallet or amazon gift card to the same email address)

3. Send me an email to with the subject: THANK YOU GODDESS 2017

- attach your receipts for your tribute and gift

- thank Me for all you've learned, and how you've grown in 2016.

- tell Me what part of your service you are most proud of

- list 12 sub-GOALs for 2017 (one for each month)

-re-commit to proving that My wants and needs are of superior importance to yours

GO BIG OR GO HOME ... Goddess doesn't have time for half assed or broke slaves ! If you can't afford Me maybe your GOAL this year should be to get a fucking job - or a better one, or an additional one... it's never enough.

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