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Trying to find just the right video to get you into the spending mode this holiday season ...

here are my top picks for ways to treat yourself, and of course - treat me!

Mesmerized into Obsession

Look deep into my eyes, relax your mind and body, inhale deeply for me and exhale all your stress and inhibitions. Lose yourself in the sound of my voice, lose yourself in my deep black eyes. You will find yourself on the brink of reality, suspended in a dream like state where my beauty and talents overwhelm your senses and draw you deeper and deeper into an obsession with Me. You are programmed to pay, to spend, to keep me happy with your tributes, because it could never be enough. Every time you see me the obsession deepens, you can't step away, you can't say no, you must obey, loyally, dutifully, respectfully. You will obey, you will pay, because it's never enough, you can never give enough, and you can never get enough of Me,

I am the ultimate obsession


Spoil The Ultimate FinDomme

I am an effortless Goddess, visible in the grace with which I move, and exist. My intelligence and beauty otherworldly. I should be free to roam, like the Goddess I am, Financial servitude is only for those that have more money than Me, I already masturbate to My own bank account, so to get me wet, you really have to PAY UP...You want Me excited about your money, then spend it! Real tributes have at least 4 digits. Let me tell you exactly what it takes to serve this Goddess and what it takes to the next level of Spoiling this Goddess.... You know you are here because you are on the edge, trying to talk yourself out of spending, but the truth is once you see me in this silk gown, my long legs sneaking out to tease, the smile streaking across my face, you give in completely, you are butter in my hands and ready to SPOIL GODDESS KAYLA


Stripper Ass Owns You!

Role play to enjoy; I came to your place to strip for you, but once i saw you I had a much better idea. There is no way I am giving you a lap dance but I will certainly mesmerize you with my perfect ass and put you deep under my control. I make you my pay piggy and helplessly addicted to my ass. This is going to get serious, and not ending any time soon, so get your wallet ready SpoilKayla.com


Cucky Wallet for Married Goddess

I am about to get married, and nothing turns you on more. The idea that another man gets me and you don’t gets your cock hard and the icing on the cake is how it makes you tremble with excitement when you get to pay for me and my real man to enjoy our lives together while you are relegated to the side lines to foot the bill! There is work to be done cucky, get started by buying this video!



I love playing games with your money, this is a fun one. It's easy enough, $100 at a time I will make you more addicted and drain you all at the same time. To learn the rules of the game you must buy it, I hate to give away all the fun inside! But those of you that love parting with your money and love giving it up to a SUPERIOR Woman will love this video. Those of you that love to pay tribute to Me, that love My videos - you will LOVE this video and these tasks!

Get on it, what are you waiting for, buy this video now



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