Holiday Gifts!

Happy Holidays

This year is like any other in the past...

Usually my wish lists are chock full of new shoes, designer lingerie, high end store gift cards and the like, but this year will be very different. I have re organized my wish lists to reflect my new life and wants for 2017. Here's are my special wish lists updated just for the holidays!

STOCKING STUFFERS, a list of small gifts that aren't junk, things I actually want or need that show you care.

HOLIDAY WISHES a list of the things I truly covet this holiday season, the top of my list, creme de la creme which include some higher dollar and larger sized gifts

Each item on the above lists have a priority rating so you can tell what I want the most! Everything you purchase will be consolidated in NY then put into a barrel and shipped as soon as it is full, so it make it arrive faster, buy more or bigger gifts ! To pay for the barrel shipment / consolidation send $500 via google wallet. As items are purchased I will update the list with secondary wants.

OFF THE LIST; These items are written out so that you may cover the cost by paying for the item - payments will only be accepted by google wallet payment or gift rocket (send to unless you just want to send fun money in which case send tributes through this site HERE

- Island Dive Stay-cation - $600 covers 3 boat dives for 2 people, and a night at any hotel in the south of the island, plus dinner and drinks.

- Island Hopper Trip- $2000 covers 2 tickets to St Maarten plus 4 nights stay all inclusive. (feel free to send more to cover 'spending money') I've already bought the tickets (to buy just a part of this trip $600 - flights, $500 hotel, $900 all meals / drinks)

- Garden Project - $500 this covers materials for me to build some raised beds and soil to fill them - this will take my gardening to the next level !

-Private Boat Charter - $1200 covers a full day boat charter where I can explore more of the island from the sea, enjoy champagne, food, and all my whims catered !

- Couples Massage - $300 - covers a couples massage

When sending the money by google wallet just put the item in the note <3 <3

As always you can send 'cash' or gift cards for the sites / stores listed below those are always appreciated:

Amazon - as always

American Airlines - our favorite way to travel

Astaphans - our on island department store

Airbnb- for staycations & off island stays

(links available at )

And if you feel like being charitable Please make your donations to

Migraine Research Foundation

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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