Election Money Game

You need something to help keep your shit together during this election, well I've got a game for you that anyone can take part in!

I suggest playing as you go - to make it easiest, add the google wallet app to your phone and send money directly to me as the election goes along. (kjdmedia@gmail.com is the email to send $$ to) Optional payment methods are amazon.com (us version) gift card to the same email address, or of course kaylaskinkshop.com or followplus.com/kaylajanedanger tributes are accepted.

Heres how it works, below you can find 4 different pay scales, this is to make sure anyone can play and I can make money off each and every one of you looking for an outlet during this stressful election, a way to ease your money out of your bank account and into mine, and a way for you to push your limits, without wasting my time with guys who just want to talk without putting their money where their mouth is!

If Clinton wins a state you will pay

****$100 *** $50



If Trump wins a state you will pay





If you are watching while you play, you should include a message when possible with the state you are making the payment for so I can keep track of your progress!

Completing the game correctly will earn you prizes! Can you believe that? Hopefully this will get you paying attention and paying me!!

If you participate but don't complete the game you will get a few sexy photos for each correct payment you make. Completing the game above will earn you the prizes below:

* all sexy photos from my USA trip

** custom photo set of 25 pictures + all my sexy phone photos from the USA trip.

*** 10min skype call or custom video + custom photo set of 25 pictures + all sexy photos from USA trip.

**** 15min skype call or custom video + pair of panties /stockings or pantyhose with my scent or perfume + custom photo set of 25 pictures + all sexy photos from USA trip.

make sure you take screen caps or keep receipts for each payment so I know you played along and completed the game correctly

Doesn't this sound like fun?

Well polls are closed in a few states by now so final tallies should start coming in soon enough, get that g-wallet ready. And if you don't have / can't use g wallet, send amazon gift cards to KJDmedia@gmail.com with the state you are paying for in the gift message!!


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