Coming to America

I'm 'Coming to America', and for this big return I expect to be treated like royalty! I've got a lot going on from a big 3 day shoot for but I will also be attending a really important convention for my new business, and have a lot of work to do. Here's what I would like to happen, and where you can make yourself most useful. Make my first trip back the the USA as fabulous and memorable as possible!

>Right now the plan is to get picked up from the airport by my best friend Jenna, but if you spring for a car service (someone with a sign, to pick up my bags, cart them to the car - email for info on making reservations & payment) that would be even better!

>I want to arrive at Jenna's to have a beautiful bottle of wine waiting, the island has a limited selection and I doubt there are more than a handful of bottles produced before 2013 on all of Dominica so this would be a delight. I expect to end every night with quality wine in my hand and my feet up, getting a slave to give foot massages at night on location would be great - as long as he were paying for the opportunity. Send bottles directly to my Private Mail Box, or send Whole Foods or total wine / Lees Liquor gift cards!

>I want to go to my favorite sushi spot with Jenna (or order in if I'm too tired) and of course having you take care of it would make sense. (cash gift please)

>I want there to be a set of bath bombs waiting for me. I haven't taken a proper bath in all the months I've lived in Dominica. Soaking in the hot springs is the closest things, but then the water is cloudy and smells of sulphur springs instead of the intoxicating aromas of Lush bath bombs / melt bars etc . I can't wait to finish off each night with a deep soak, water colored, glittering and moisturizing. You can buy sets on their website or send gift cards I can redeem my first day (or have Jenna redeem before I arrive).

>I want (a) whole food gift card(s) waiting for me so I can get food for Jenna's house where I will be staying on and off, as well as on the go snacks, WINE, cheese, and even set food for the shoot! Only the best for me and my dolls!

>I know I will want to go out to my favorite restaurants when I have the chance and of course there will be lots of delivery when I'm staying on location for the shoot. So send lots of spending cash and let me know you'd like to treat me to brunch, dinner, date with friends etc. You know if you want to impress my friends you are going to have to be a big spender, so taking care of tabs like that aren't for the weak or those using their funds strategically.

>I'll be doing a lot of shopping for my new business but none on myself, unless there's an Agent Provocateur, Giuseppe Zanotti, or other exciting gift card / gift voucher for me to spend!

>My first real day I will be needing a few spa services:

full gel manicure/pedicure ($125)

laser on 3 areas (can you guess where? $600

MASSAGES!!!! (be extra generous and make it a couples massage for me and Jenna see prices on the red rock resort & spa website - please include tip - send in red rock casino gift card or cash)

haircut $250

(the more money or gift cards towards spa services I get- the more time I will have to commit to pampering and relaxation while in the USA because I really do have a lot of work to do while I'm there)

Anything requiring cash send tribute via google wallet or to,

everything shipped should go to

Kayla Jane Danger

11700 W Charleston blvd #170-155

Las Vegas NV 89135

My subs, pets, and slaves have tasks of their own that they've been sent. If you want private instructions, hand picked obligatory financial tasks, then you must SUBMIT yourself. You can spend on the sidelines but if you really want to get in the game you will have to make a concerted effort, there is no bullshit allowed, speedy response and action, and most of all no time-wasting and annoyance. I hold these individuals to a higher expectation and standard when it comes to their gifts, reimbursements, tributes etc.

You can also get some last minute goodies for the shoot - like pantyhose, stockings, or other items from the Sexy Wardrobe wish list can be sent, as long as they arrive on or before the 13th so they make it on set!

Take that as you may, as a command, as a suggestion. Whoever you are you are here for a reason, looking for My Domination and Control or looking to pamper the woman who has everything, it doesn't really matter. What matters is how much or how little you contribute. Don't think "Someone is bound to take care of these things" and let yourself off the hook. You are responsible for making sure I don't just show up to one of these, but all of them, and in quantity, variety, and then some!

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