Small Things in Big Packages

So I've received some super awesome gifts recently that can't go unnoticed ...

I want to give some shout outs to awesome fans, supporters and submissive pets who have been making huge contributions to the upcoming productions as well as my new Caribbean life.

# I've got 4 new latex outfits to wear during the shoot, thanks to pet E and another generous latex lover who wished to remain anonymous.

# A new pair of black pointy toe stiletto pumps from a long time supporter and repeat custom video customer.

# I've also received a handsome cash donation from an amazing and longtime supporter CUS to cover some shoot costs, which enables me to best spend my money on the performers you love, and keeping up the quality of our productions.

Today I picked up a full barrel of house warming gifts & items that can't be found on the island. This entire barrel was made possible by awesome fans, supporters, customers, pets, subs, slaves, etc! We received:

dive accessories ( 3 in 1 pole spear, beacons, whistles, reels, slate)

cat food (lots of it <3 Dexter & Pierre appreciate it)

gardening supplies ( soft containers, fertilizer, compost tea )

pantry staples (protein powder, powdered greens, canned tomatoes, GROUND ESPRESSO<3)

kitchen supplies (stovetop espresso maker, loaf pans, springform pans)

toiletries (hair products, sun screen, after sun gel)

rechargeable battery sets - it's amazing how easy it is to get me excited about little things like this.

Other recent gifts I received :

sexy purple pole spear

2 tiny bikinis

north face rain jacket (that has been a life saver recently!)

stuff for the podcast (mixer, recorder, headphones x2, microphone)

gopro accessories

There is already another barrel in NY half way full ready to be filled to the brim before making its 2 week journey to the island, I can't wait to see what's in it. If you would like to help fill up this barrel and get it shipped off to Me VISIT THIS LINK. I keep the priority of the list items updated frequently according to what has been purchased already so you know if the item is 'highest' priority it's something we would really like to make it in this current barrel.

Anything and everything sent is appreciated, all these things even the 'unsexy' , the 'tiny', really makes the transition easier, and it's much appreciated. December will mark 6 months since I moved out of the US. The more I surround myself with some familiar things, mixed in with all the new, the more I settle in, the more at home I feel. And I know having the food they are used to makes it easier on my old american cats who have been spoiled rotten on the best food for years that you just can't get here.

Of course if you want to make a financial contribution to the November shoot- you can send cash via or or message me for alternate payment methods that get the money to me more directly without crazy fees (NO PAYPAL)

If you'd like to make a purchase of latex or other sexy wardrobe for the upcoming shoot my wish list for that CAN BE FOUND HERE. And of course if you think you have a custom video idea befitting of log into your member account and send me a message there with a brief scene description for a solo (no pov) or girl/girl photo set or video scene, requests that follow this guideline will be given special pricing. and are the only custom's I will be accepting during this particular shoot.

Thanks for the love, gifts, support especially into my new life and new ventures !!

Of course I also need to thank the members of , and customers of my Clips4Sale studios & KaylasKinkShop who's continued patronage keep my company going and keeps me motivated continue producing new and better porn for the kinky connoisseur. All those subscription and video purchases have helped me get where I am today starting a new venture here in the Caribbean so, lets keep it going and make it better then ever.


Kayla Jane Danger

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