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It's about time for another big shoot, which means I will be in Las Vegas shooting with new dolls and I want to look my best as always. This means it's time to organize all the sexy lingerie I've been gifted since my last shoot, as well as other sexy wardrobe and shoes I've received as tribute.

All the photos included in this blog showcase the HOTTEST gifts I shot in during past shoots. I love sending teaser photos from shoots like these to whomever sent me the gift, if it is worthy of shooting after all it's worthy of a few choice photos to wet your appetite and thank you for the delightfully sexy gift!

The best way to get me lingerie I will wear in a shoot is to send me an e-gift certificate/voucher minimum $400 to Agent Provocateur (info on gifts & tributes page of where to send this), corsets by What Katie Did (options on my sexy wardrobe list), you can also send gift cards for me to pick out my favorite designer wardrobe / lingerie / high heels and more at my leisure.

I LOVE LATEX, and although it's hard to get away with wearing in the sweltering heat of the tropics I love being able to return to the states and shoot in Latex more comfortably. There are already some latex scenes written into the schedule since I got a few latex pieces since I last shot and I can't wait to show them off! Send me a gift card to westward bound latex or ask me what I want the most when it comes to the skin tight shiny stuff! Of course if you get me tiny latex lingerie or latex biknis I will be able to don them in the Caribbean as well. Check out my SEXY WARDROBE list for quick purchase options for some of the latex I've been eyeing or stay safe by sending me an e-gift voucher (click HERE for more info on how/where to send an e-gift voucher)

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you see a gift you purchased being worn by me or one of my dolls, or watching one of my dolls worshiping your gift to me!

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Kayla Jane Danger

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