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I've got a special delivery! A few in fact, and I can't wait to receive them. As I explained, something can arrive and I won't get it for a few days due to the complications that come along with getting to port. So if I have more than one package coming in a week I will wait for the last to arrive before going down to port. So this week I wait for a few packages to arrive and probably won't go to get them until closer to the weekend.

I am thrilled that the arrival of our first barrel of gifts are arriving right before the end of the month and will provide pampering and house warming. And it's HUGE!!! So it will be a true holiday when I get to unpack it!

Before that arrives I will be receiving recording & mixing equipment for my new podcast, a cute little sports bra / tank top, 2 sexy bikinis, a raincoat, pole spear for (spear fishing), a hoodie, and some pantry goodies you just can't get here! I love when people think about my actual needs over their own and get me the 'unsexy' things on my wish lists! There are definitely things I am forgetting, probably some more cute outfits and stuff, but I love the anticipation and surprise of not knowing sometimes!

if you haven't yet, get over to THE WISH LIST PAGE and find something to add to our next barrel shipment ASAP! Do your part to make me smile while I open up and pour out goodies once they arrive and every time I wear or use your gifts!

Kayla Jane Danger


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