Shipping Gifts in Barrels!

Well since I moved to the Caribbean it does make this more difficult. You see the island I live on doesn't have mail or package delivery! Can you believe that? So I need to have my packages picked up from port each time something arrives, and port is about 1 hour from where I live. Not only that, but once a package arrives, duties/ customs & port fees must be paid on each package based on the value of the contents. Needless to say it's a process. I have one assistant in Las Vegas and one assistant in New York, and a submissive in the mid west who have all been tasked with consolidating gift packages into 55-75 Gallon barrels so that I don't have to make as many trips to port! This also means each time I go to port I should be overwhelmed with gifts, each barrel packed to the brim with goodies! If you are on the East Coast and you plan on spoiling me with abundant physical gifts you might want to look into buying a barrel and the shipping rates from your local tropical shipper but we can talk about this as part of your arrangement!

The items on the list Barrels To Dominica have one of our consolidation locations as the shipping address, where the wish lists wardrobe or equipment will be shipped to Las Vegas to be held by my production crew or assistant awaiting my arrival for shoots.

Read the instructions on each list carefully before making purchases / shipping so you make sure to fulfill my needs instead of just sending me loads of the same things!

Of course if you are sending a LOT of material tributes / gifts I recommend you send some cash to go along with them to make sure the customs and port fees are covered! You wouldn't want it to seem like I was paying for my own gifts would you ?!

Last but not least, as much as I LOVE getting sexy bikinis and lingerie, what I need most are staples for my Caribbean life that just can't be found here, and to me your selfless purchases of items like these are even hotter than buying me something risque! And of course if you are looking to see me wearing your gifts make it bikinis or beachwear to see it sooner - I do use these kinds of gifts as packing fluff for the barrels with delicate items inside!

I hope you are enjoying the new site and you are ready to pamper me and make my life as luxurious and comfortable as possible!


Kayla Jane Danger

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