Ohh lala

I am constantly spoiled, so much so its hard for Me to keep up with this blog, especially because I don't have anything to prove when it comes to the amazing gifts I receive and things I buy with your money! However, I know what it does to you, to have these totems displayed in front of you ...

The greatest joy should be watching me enjoying these gifts & tributes, wearing them, using them in videos to further fuck your weak minds into submission & full financial control.

I am officially putting out the GODDESS GOALS for the month:

>>#1 studio on Kinkbomb (KaylasKInkShop.com) - send tributes, make big video orders ...whatever it takes!

>>365 days worth of beachwear- the aim is for 365 biknis also - rash guards / surf pants / neoprene shorts / wetsuits etc ;) Of course this makes sense since I plan on moving to the caribbean very soon! And you will want to see Me decked out in the hottest beachwear in every photo I take!

I've created a new wishlist for this goal - so get on it, clear it out so I can add more! I know how much you LOVE seeing Me in sexy bikinis, especially into the long cold winter! I've already received some AMAZING new bikinis and cropped rash guards or 'rashies'.

>>NEW SLAVE OPENINGS : Give me your credit card information, the number, security code, expiration, billing address, and I will use it for the following slave positions: UBER SLAVE - pay all My uber fares automatically, as I will be using your cc on My account! FOOD DELIVERY SLAVE - you will pay for ALL My food delivery, at home, with My love, on set with other sexy woman who are far too good for you!

Remember the only thing you are good for is your wallet, if I find ANY other use for you, you should feel an undying gratitude that shows in your actions, your tributes & gifts ... yes it is a cycle, that you belong to!

Goddess Kayla Jane Danger

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