Living that Life

As you know, I live a life much greater than yours! You ache watching Me enjoy being young, beautiful, and spoiled! It doens't hurt that you know I don't need any of you! The fact that I own a thriving business that makes plenty of money makes your cock hard. The idea that you are totally insignificant, and your life inconsequential to Me makes your cock twitch with desire. And all this makes Me laugh! You will do anything for Me, you will empty your wallet, clear out My wish lists, all in hopes to gain just a glimmer of attention.

I sit here sipping champapgne on a Saturday afternoon, contemplating the luxurious suite I will be shooting in the next few days...thinking about how Amazing I am.

I know that on Monday My mailbox will be full of Gifts & Tributes ... because you can't miss an opportunity to make Me smile, to do something for a Superior Woman!


I know you are all drooling now, especially because your minds probably stopped working when I said I was shooting the next few days. So get ready to open your wallets, there will be plenty of opportunities to spend on Me while I am there - room service, expensive dinners, bottles of Champange, I will be positng receipts on - don't ask questions just pay as soon as you see it posted, don't assume someone else has done it!

If you even want to DREAM of seeing special selfies and behind the scenes ... you can pay up now! Send a $500 gift card via or - put your email and a note about this post in the gift message to receive all the sexy bts from the suite!

DO IT NOW! Don't delay - there is never a better time to serve Me than NOW!



#subtraining #financialdomination #femaledomination

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