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If you couldn't tell by the last post, there has been a lot going on in My precious life! Big things and there are MORE! So even though I was just in Dominica, I am so in love that I am going back - this weekend! I know its so last minute but that is My life! What the fuck are you basic bitches doing next week? Certainly not house hunting in the caribbean! Hahaha! I fucking love it!

Tomorrow I am shooting for and the next day I have a big production for There will be receipts for you little piggies to repay! Think - meals, champagne, etc. Then early the following morning I jet off to the caribbean leaving you losers in the dust! Because when I am away - you better not bother Me, the only emails I should receive from you should be asking what you can pay for, or purchase receipts for video sales & tributes!

If you are lucky when I return- maybe I will send a pay to view series of photos from My exotic trip?! Maybe I will post them on for member's only!

You know My members get all kids of exclusive photos no one else gets! So do My best pets! They get teasers, photos of their tributes, and more when I am feeling nice or they do an exceptional job!

Speaking of- two new pets miss mouse and My thrall e. ... they are pleasing Me, they deserve this little ' shout out ' for their attention to detail - especially e. ! they have each earned their own wish lists recently and have been doing a good job of making them disappear so I can refill them ...

pet 2.0 is keeping up as usual, he anticipates what I want and need, but he has been around for years.

K's financial tributes continue to top you all including toy-pig, even though you are certainly trying ... now try harder!

Now if you are a customer on you should have received a message from Me with contest inforamtion ... lets go subbies - make Me proud and PAY ME- it is what you are here for !

Goddess Kayla Jane

#trips #gifts #tributes #websites #contest #financialdomination #femdom

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