Goddess Life (oops)

This post was from July 6th and for some reason, it didn't post ...so here it goes ... rewind to JULY

It's July ... which means its been a while since I posted. Mostly because I was celebrating my epic Goddess Life.

I pretty much took the month of June off to relax, pamper myself and to participate in Gold Rush Rally. Then come home to pamper myself even more! After-all, This Goddess just got Engaged! And I am going to flaunt that in all your faces! I had the most romantic and magical birthday trip to Dominica (if you want photos join KaylaJanePOV.com or buy the sets individually HERE) where My MAN and I looked at properties, basked in the sun, drank and ate like the King & Queen we are.

After that spectacular vacation I came home with only 3 days to collect myself and repack for Gold Rush Rally! If you don't know what it is just google GOLD RUSH RALLY. Of course an expensive Goddess such as myself would take part in the world's most luxurious exotic car rallies. One of my favorite pets had a bottle of Champagne waiting for me at each and every stop on the rally! As it should always be when this Goddess is traveling / checking into a new hotel every night! I also did plenty of shopping with your tributes while I was in Austin. I killed it at Victoria's Secret, Steve Madden, Aldo & 2 cute boutiques. I ended up coming home with 6 more pairs of shoes than I left with! Oops!

Of course I was also treated to a body treatment and massage at the spa at Enchantment in Sedona, Arizona with my sexy friend Jenny, and another massage and body treatment at the Omni at Barton Creek, Texas. The treatment at Enchantment was probably the best of my life, truly fit for a woman such as myself! And their spa facilities were to die for, in the most beautiful and secluded spot surrounded with red rocks and trees!

Each night I ate luxuriously, I could list each place but you would just be jealous that you couldn't take part by reimbursing me for it, or paying for it like you should -because it was already taken care of, by someone with more forethought than you!

If you want to be on my 'quick pay' list then you must start by paying a $300 tribute and sending the receipt with the following message:

"I, (your name), am submitting myself in hopes to be considered for a position on the quick pay list. I have sent $300 in tribute and the receipt is attached. I have a maximum daily withdraw limit of (list your withdraw limit here or n/a if you don't have one). I would be happy to reimburse you for your shopping, dining, drinking, and entertainment at your whim. Please consider me when you are out, please mark me worthy so that I may be of service to you.

humbly yours

(your name)"

Doesn't that sound like fun - being at my beck and call ?! Of course it is - so submit yourself now - there are plenty of expneses in this Goddess life


Goddess Kayla Jane Danger

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