Gifts for Me vs Gifts for you...

When it comes to the gifts I want to receive from subs, fans, pets, slaves etc ... there is a HUGE variety. I don't stick to just one thing but I am also very particular. Of course when I put items on my wish lists, My needs & wants are the first I am thinking about, not yours. I am thinking about items I am missing from my wardrobe, shoe closet, house, office, & life in general. I think about what would make my life easier, prettier, more comfortable and luxurious. I am not thinking about what you would like to see me in most, or how I can pick out items cheap enough for your broke ass!

When you come to my wishlist you need to put your wants and needs aside for a moment. You should be looking at my priority, I always mark items from highest to lowest priority and I adjust items priority all the time. You should be seeing what I want the most, how you can help me get exactly what I want. Remember, the more you please ME the higher the likelyhood that you will receive any attention and possibly a reward in return! However I can tell when you only buy me a $10 g-string that you are only thinking of yourself, and how hard you got when you pictured me in it. If however, you buy me something for my kitchen, my cats, my bathroom or bedroom, something unsexy, something for 'the real' Goddess. Show me you are really thinking of my well being before yours ... as you should! Otherwise, I will lump you with the 'fan boys' who just want to ogle me... which is fine ... but not what you boys are here for at !

This is kind of like the blog I posted about the difference between tributing subs, slaves, pets, fans, drive bys etc ... your tributes tell Me different things, about you, about how you see Me, about what you want, many things you probably aren't thinking about when you are tributing me. But you should be thoughtful with your tributes, especially if you are or are going to be a sub or slave, then it is your duty to be thoughtful when you tribute and gift me!

If you are here to spoil me, pamper me, worship me and the lifestyle I lead ... stop wasting time ... send an gift card to or a gift rocket gift card if you are too much of a pussy to make an actual decision and buy me something from one of my lists ...

If you are looking for a good way to get my attention and get to the top of my good boy list for this month, here is what I really want right now (links are to my delivery code and amazon wish lists please scroll pages to find items):




and as usual you may consult the rest of my Delivery Code and Amazon wish lists to buy Me gifts I really want ... Highest priority is always "Current Wants" , "I LOVE SHOES" & "Spoiled Extreme Gifting" ... and of course the "Daily Home & Life" list contains many of the keys to my lifestyle you so wish to supplement!

and if you are a fan that has somehow found your way here ... and you just want to buy sexy things for me to wear in my photo sets and videos ...well then have at it!

You probably want to check out My Current Wants, Be My Valentine ( list up until Feb 17 2015), I LOVE SHOES, and Sexy Wardrobe lists to find the sexy bits I am looking for, and of course if you want to outdo the others, I suggest sending me an e-gift card from <3

Cheers Boys

Goddess Kayla Jane Danger

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