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Although I work hard and make plenty of money for myself, you would never want me paying for any of my expenses, my entertainment, meals, bills, all these lowly things which subs, slaves and pets should beg for the honor to pay! Which is why I love those that sign up to pay my bills (they receive monthly invoices for the bills they sign up for and send me checks or cash to cover / reimburse me for them). Or you can pay a single month by going to the bill pay section!

I also love when you toys fight over who gets to covere my manicures / pedicures, my dinners with my man, my shopping sprees! I should never have to use my own money!

I love American Express gift cards - send them to Me so I can use your money on a whim and never have to take my own credt card out from my wallet!

I shouldn't have to lift a finger, just enjoy my life with you working your hardest to be able to supplement my lavish lifestyle!

Tomorrow I am going to the Bellagio Spa for a facial and some Goddess time , on a gift card of course, then and interview with a fabulous woman's magazine! And of course I need to make a trip to my post box, its been a few days and I know there is a pile of goodies waiting for me!

Keep up the good work boys... every day I should get notifications from my postal place telling me I've got new packages! Every day I should get emails and letters full of e-cash / cash tributes !

Here are some of my recent tributes in action on KaylaJanePOV.com

Could you imagine getting pictures sent to you of the delicious and decadent wine & champagne I drink, and see the luxurious lingerie I dress in at home .. well prove yourself worthy of a direct feed by spending ... I suggest you get started!

Goddess Kayla Jane Danger

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