2nd Christmas

I was truly spoiled over the holidays, tons of lux wine & champagne, a Louboutin Gift card which led to a pair of super sex Louboutin pumps, I got a bunch of new Agent Provocateur lingerie and new latex from Honour UK, I received a new HD camera and so much more ...

and today ... seemed like a second christmas.

I came home yesterday from a brief romp in LA for the XBiz awards for which my movie Carrie's Secret was nominated in multiple categories. I went to my po box today and found this:


So I opened them all up and this is what I found ...


From Billy:

Agent Provocateur sets <3

#1 pet:

2 dresses

2 eye shadow pallets


mesh & lace dress

knee socks


From wannabe:

sexy sequin bikini

american apparel spandex mesh insert bodysuit

Lingerie Set


3 bottles of wine

1 bottle rose champagne

Random -

Schutz shoes


Wannabe has his own list and it is his job to clear it each month!

#1 Pet has his own list too and he did such a good job on it so far this month!



The rest of you can learn from these boys... At the end of this week I want to come home to a pile bigger than the one I picked up today!

During AEE/ AVN week I want you to be tributing like crazy ... I will make another post about that -but this should be your inspiration!

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