Real FinDom vs Pure Spoiling

There are a lot of people who pay tribute, spoil & pamper me... they are not all submissives, slaves, or pets in fact many are FANS... just true fans who glean pleasure from all that I do and pay tribute appropriately because of their appreciation for my beauty, my craft, or the number of times they've rubbed one out to me. The point is that in my world the title of pet & slave are to be earned (not bought). You can serve, submit to and tribute me all you want but without direction, guidance, my acceptance and approval you are no where near being a true slave or pet to me!

This is especially true in the world of Financial Domination/submission. You can spend thousands of dollars on me a month, in cash, gifts etc and not be a financial slave. On the flip side you can also spend as little as $500 a month (in ways I determine of course) and be a financial slave to me.

If you want to send me gifts so you can see how pretty I look in them, that is fine and all but it will not make you a slave or a pet or even start you down the right path for that kind of interaction / relationship. If you are one of these guys that just wants to send clothing, lingerie, shoes, makeup, or whatever for your own satisfaction of seeing them on me ... GO FOR IT! I am perfectly happy showing off gifts to vanilla boys who keep it simple, I will send you pictures and you are free to check out any videos I shoot in your gifts on my various websites.

I actually appreciate that kind of interaction. Rather than the guys feigning interest in submitting or serving or being a financial sub when they have no idea what any of that actually means or entails!

Now, if you are ready to start down the path of a true submissive, slave or pet there are rules, there are orders and tasks, and you will go through the paces like everyone else, there is no shortcut to this kind of servitude.

NO IFs ANDs or BUTs about the following things:

You must have a skype account

You must be able to purchase videos via kinkbomb / clips4sale

You must have complete control of your own finances (no parents or wife in control)

You must answer all questions honestly & to the best of your ability

You must follow all rules & schedules set for you

You must understand that bad behavior will get no attention. (No whining, demanding, baiting, threatening, complaining, or excuses)

If you can say yes / attest to all of the above, you have what it takes to get started ... now go to the 'submission' page ... answer all the questions and of course don't forget, before you hit send, you must send a tribute.

For FINANCIAL sub/slave/pet wannabes:

This can include those that want:

Me to allocate their budget including a stipend for me

Shop for/with me (virtual or real life) / Spoil Me with gifts

Spend all their 'excess' money on me

To be used for their money - give up control of their money

Be 'forced' to give up their money

"Blackmail" you give up valuable information to me and as long as you pay I keep your secrets

and much much more ...

Whatever your monthly budget to spend on/for me (or what you think it is) divide by 2 ... then pay tribute in that amount via gift card / e-cash tribute / gift card or cash (address is at the bottom of the website) If you have an 'unlimited budget' prove it, send a $1500 gift card to Christian Louboutin and $1500 to Agent Provocateur then we will speak further.

With your tribute include a note that you are submitting an application to me otherwise your application will not be read!


Goddess Kayla Jane Danger

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