Fill up barrels with gifts like a good boy.

Feeling Reckless: give me control of your amazon account ... send your log in information to me so I can treat myself to a shopping spree! 

How can I send you a Gift Card?

Below are a list of Gift Cards I accept, go to their websites and send an e-gift card to DON'T BE STINGY!


American Airlines


Victoria's Secret

Westward Bound Latex


Can I buy you something that isn't on a wish list?



MOST WISHED FOR: these are items I don't necessarily NEED but WANT very badly! These are items you know I will love! Some might be a bit of a 'splurge', some super hot and others not so sexy at all, but clearly important to ME, and isn't that what matters most! 

BIKINIS & BEACHWEAR : sexy bikinis, tiny cover ups, wetsuits and body jewelry all items that suit my Caribbean life and my quest for a bikini for every day of the year #bikini365

ISLAND LIFE: items on this wish list are all things you might be able to pick up right around the corner however they are hard or impossible to find on the island- so of course you should send them to Me!

DAILY LIFE & HOME: these are other items I

need for my fabulous caribbean life, items for the

home, and hobbies of mine!

EXTREME GIFTING: Gifts above and beyond

the means of most, perfect for getting my


FILL MY CLOSET: mostly clothing for my 

caribbean life, active wear, surf wear, lots and lots

of sun dresses / skirts etc. 

SHOES I WANT: my list of the most wished for

shoes some for the island, some for shoots

SEXY WARDROBE: These are gifts that will

stay in Las Vegas as wardrobe for my sexy photo

& video shoots!
BEAUTIFY & PAMPER: makeup, skin care,

items for beauty & wellness.

KJD MEDIA: these are items I want or need for

my award winning production company KJD Media




Serve My Man (for the cuckolds out there)


So you want to pamper me, spoil me with gifts? Of course you do! On this page you will find a number of ways to spoil me starting with the best ways to please me and get my attention. Please read this VERY IMPORTANT BLOG on shipping gifts before you buy anything. Ask before buying me anything that isn't listed on this page or the wish list links below. There are plenty of options for gifts and ways you can pay for me to enjoy the finer things in life.

GIFT ROCKET & Google Wallet: send me cash to use for specific gifts or in whatever way I please use email for these Tributes.


Some arrangements come with personal wish lists ... don't you want a wish list of your own to clear ? Until then, the top 3 lists are in BOLD

No, not unless you okay it with me first. I get too many gifts to have things I don't want or need showing up for me! There is plenty of variety in my wish lists, and when all else fails, Gift Cards or Cash are always great! 


How do I know if you received my gift or tribute?

As long as I have a way of knowing what you sent, you will know. If the gift is something spectacular I will mention it in public or even post a photo of it, in these cases you will usually receive the photos first. Like most arrangements the better the gift the bigger the pay off for you, even if it is purely the feeling of knowing you made Me Happy!